15 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur


I had traits like,everyone who know me and play with me will prove that (quite few,even my family,and my girl :)) ),but you will feel some traits if you meet me doing works in the real life .See you there!
1. “work and play hard”
2. “You surround yourself with advisors” :Be sure you make good relationships with others who successful,more experiences,and can listen to you . Donal Trump’s rule:”Just play with people you like,surround you with people can give you the right instructions.Never…ever ever make the people you don’t like get in touch with you”.So i wonder,the education in VN is really funny,esp. the team-work-practices?? What kind of team that full of sh*t people,who don’t like f*cking you,and you don’t like f*cking them either,but for the mark u must do it.What’s calling productivity here ?? =))
3.You recover quickly. I don’t have time for emotions like disapointment,hater,just happy and love what i’m doing is enough for me.That’s it!
4. You consider yourself an outsider….Do it your own way,faster,smarter.
5.You’re motivated by challenges. I love challenges,that’s make my life senses
6.You can’t sit still : surely,I will be crazy!!!!
7.You’re fearless :Anyone who plays with me,will say me like that =))
8.You get into hot water: true entrepreneurial types are more likely to ask for forgiveness than permission. The permission really not bother me at all.Just say”Sorry” when u are really making mistakes!
9.You’re obsessed With cash flow :NEXT YEAR IN OCTOBER,I WILL HAVE 10 CASH FLOWS,INCOME: 20 MILL/MONTH (~50$/hour!)
10.You’re crafty : That’s inside me =))).But i don’t mean “selfish….”,i mean “ambitious,and passions”
11.You’re insecure : In fact,i have nothing to lose .i just have one thing value is myself
12.You take action :”Completely is always better than PERFECT” is my favourite quote!





About Bill Nguyễn

Well,I think i will keep this secret,talk to me,then tell me: What do you think about me? It's up to you,not me :D Of course,i have the definition of myself :D
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